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Fallena Valistar
Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the Guild Portal belonging to Bloodguards of Vanity. If you are a member our guild and would like to join, please read the information below.

About the Bloodguards of Vanity

Bloodguards of Vanity is a friendly, fun loving guild looking for mature, active members. We pride ourselves on helping others, especially if someone is new to the game. All players are welcomed and are to be treated equally; that means PVPers, Raiders, Role-Players, or people whom simply enjoy the game. If there are questions about anything, please feel free to reach an officer within the guild or post your concerns in the Forum.

Bloodguards of Vanity's goals aren't much different than any guild's goals. We want to unify our members, help those that are leveling learn their class better and help gear them. Once a player hits 85, we strive to help them gear up for be heroic ready, followed by raid ready. Don't raid? That's fine. We have some several members dedicated to PVP and would be more than happy to help other PVPers with any questions they may have about battle grounds or Arena. Interested in Achievements? So are we! We will do our best to help you get personal achievements, but hope that we can come together and work as a guild to get Guild Achievements. For Information on the Ranks, please scroll down.

If you are not sure how to join the Guild Portal, please scroll down to the Guild Information Box and Click the Get Started link.
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Fallena Valistar, Feb 23, 11 4:34 PM.
The Guild is going through some Changes. To read up on the changes to rules, bank withdrawals, and Rank changes, please see the box above the Guild News Box for more information. We have also JUST launched our own Facebook group. Merely go to, log in, and search for Bloodguards of Vanity.
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